Welcome to the official website for GONE Strategies.  GONE Strategies is the itinerant traveling ministry for Rev. Gordon E. Grieve.  Gordon was the founding and senior Pastor of Harvest Hills International Fellowship (formerly Harvest Hills Baptist Church) since the churches inception in March, 1979. 

In the winter of 1994 renewal shocked and awakened this former independent fundamental Church starting with Gordon himself.  It was through this process that he began to serve the Church internationally in the areas of Church renewal, prophetic intercession (especially for the nations), spiritual warfare, and strategies of the Spirit.

Gordon currently lives with his wife Judy one hour west of Toronto in Guelph, Ontario Canada.  They have six children (of whom four are married) and are kept busy with their twelve wonderful grandchildren.

The term GONE is an acronym chosen from the Bible verse in Acts 1:8 "And you will receive power, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be my witnesses for me".

 ... in Jerusalem (Guelph - local)
 ... in Judea (Ontario - provincial)
 ... in Samaria (National - Canada)
 ... to the ends of the earth (Elsewhere - worldwide)

For more information on how you can book Gordon for your service or event, please email: gone@gordgrieve.com.



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